Thursday, August 11, 2011



I’m having an out-of-body experience.

I swear I can see myself moving over her.  Bridget’s fingers dig into my back - I feel them too, the pinprick points of her nails.  Her dark hair is a cloud on the white sheet, pooling around us like the stress I feel draining from my body. Her small hips shift to let me get even closer.  Being inside her before, I thought nothing would ever come close.  But this is something else entirely.

Kris is gone.  Now is the time I should thank him, as I score on his pass.

I’m no virgin.  And I’m no fool to think that Bridget did anything tonight that she didn’t want to do.  But there are things you pick up and there are things you bring home.  She is still here with me, her body body ripe and ready for something she’s always, always wanted.  I will give it to her now, if it’s the last thing I do.  

If it’s not the last thing, I’ll be giving it to her again.

In all the time I have wanted Bridget, all the nights I shamed myself by thinking of her when my hands moved beneath the blankets, I never once considered what it would be like to stare down into those brilliant blue eyes.  To have her look up into mine, submissive in posture though she completely owns me.  Thank God we’re on the bed because the desire in her eyes would have swept me off my feet.

“You’re beautiful,” I say without thinking.  It’s all I’ve thought about for months.

“You’re not,” she tries to deadpan, but a grin breaks through immediately.  Only Bridget could make herself laugh at a moment like this.  I catch her lips to mine while they still smile.

“And you’re my best friend.”

That’s the second most honest thing I’ve said tonight.  The first was when I told her I’ve always wanted this.  Now I have my prize.  She won’t let me soil the three little words I want to say, but there’s something more important right now.  Before we go where I hope we’re headed, I need her to know one thing.

“This isn’t over tonight,” I say.  I won’t let it be over.  There will never be enough of this to satisfy me.

She closes her eyes for a moment, like a spoonful of ice cream is melting on her tongue.  

With one solid movement, I press inside her.


This isn’t over.

He says the one thing to me that’s better than I love you.  Those words mean everything in private, but in public they look like a red flag to a bull.  Everyone wants to run you down.  And Sidney, carrying the weight of his fame and the pressure of his talent, he can’t move too fast.  We’re going to need a head start if we really want to make it.

This isn’t over.

He rips the response right out of me with a swing of his hips.  Before was amazing, before was incredible but this is more.  His huge cock works in up to the hilt like he’s planting a flag on the moon.  Stick it in deep, can’t have someone else trying to claim it.

Being with Kris was like licking the frosting off a cupcake: torture to know there is more sweetness but you’ll never taste it.

Being with Sidney is like putting your entire face into a birthday cake: sheer bliss and a sugar high.

His massive hands cup my shoulders.  His weight holds me still.  His wide hips part my legs farther than they can go and without a shade of hesitation, Sidney takes everything from me.

“Godohmygod,” I whisper, arching my back in case there’s anything left for him.  That marble slab of a chest doesn’t give an inch no matter how hard I buck.  He strokes in perfect rhythm without ever leaving me a chance to catch my breath.  The smooth, hard weight of his erection finds every secret spot and then some.  Each muscle in his strong back is defined beneath my touch.

I’m glad we are alone.  Even someone who’s had the pleasure of my company would know they had never come close to this.  A tear slips from the corner of my eye and Sidney chases it back up with lips that can’t help smiling.

“Let go for me, Bridget,” he says softly ands salty before kissing all the air out of my lungs.  While I’m breathless he ramps up the intensity, forgetting how strong he really is, and rides me so hard my toes curl.

It seems like hours that we move together, never pausing for fear of disturbing this perfect house of cards.  Four floors, built by the four times my body has betrayed me tonight, and Sidney is working on the roof of our castle.  We pant and moan and grip and push, saying nothing more than each other’s names and the occasionally colorful phrase until I know for sure that he is the one.

“Oh God, I’m going to come,” I pant, clutching his thick biceps to emphasize the fact that he’s the only one touching me.

“You’d better fucking hurry.”  He gives me a naughty smile that I’ve never seen before, something he’s been hiding even from his best friend.  

Not anymore.

The Earth is round.  I’ve seen the pictures.  But until now I’ve never considered what that means - no ends, only forward motion, and you’d better keep up.  I’m fighting gravity, like a bear on a ball in the circus, but I’m losing ground.  I’m slipping and the Earth is turning faster and he’s still moving inside of me.

I don’t fall.  With another flash of that wicked grin, Sidney takes me right to the brink - I want to scream - and he throws me off the edge.

My voice comes back to me like it’s traveled a long way, like a lot of people heard his name from my lips before I did.  My body reacts to the impossible new sensation the only way it knows how - complete surrender.  No prisoners are taken.  I throw up my arms and the orgasm shreds me like a bullet.

It’s a roller coaster - higher and faster and steeper than any I’ve ridden before.  All that slow, delicious anticipation on the way up as your stomach tightens and your nerves fray.  You stop for a split second at the precipice, to make sure you’re completely at it’s mercy.  Then you plummet toward certain death - hands up and screaming all the way.

I drop like a penny off the Empire State building and when I land, it’s a foot deep in the sidewalk a hundred stories below.  I’m stunned, winded and amazed I haven’t gone straight through the mattress.  Sidney growls.


I swear I’m going to make it one more...

But there is no chance of that.  Bridget’s grand finale is a sonic boom - so loud and powerful it shakes the atmosphere.  I’m sucked right into it and no match for its force.

I come so hard I nearly turn myself inside out.  The delicate skin of her neck fails to absorb the roar that tears through me - as if coming deep in her pussy wasn’t enough to expel all the energy in my body.  I burst three, four times, groaning in ecstasy at the release of so much lust.  My eyes close tight against the spinning room.

It takes a few moment before I can lift my head.  Bridget’s eyelashes are long against her cheeks and her lips flushed from kissing and biting.  Her throat bears the evidence of my arousal.  Without moving I glide the tip of my tongue over a red mark in the shape of my teeth.  Tiny ridges stand out against it.

Mine.  Mine mine mine.

She sighs and turns to face me; her eyes swim with fatigue and satisfaction.  I couldn’t be more proud if I’d gotten her here myself.

Well, maybe.

“Good?” I ask, knowing it was.  

A lazy smile curls her lips.  “Now I know what everyone makes such a big deal about.”

“The first of many, I promise.”

She laughs, a clear beautiful note.  “I was talking about you.”

I blush hard enough to faint.  Not the manly response of someone who plans to lock you up for a month of long nights.  We couldn’t be more vulnerable or more together.  Bridget’s fingers knit and the back of my neck and she holds me like she’s got me right where she wants me.  

“It was even better than I imagined.”

“So were you,” I blurt out.  And now I’m back to my old bumbling self.  “I mean, uh... I’ve... you know.  Thought about this.  I’ve... oh my God.”

She giggles.  Her breasts shake against my chest and it vibrates all the way down to where I’m still tucked inside her, stirring us again.  Her eyes flash.

“Are you saying that you’ve fantasized about me?”

I want to die.  I try to roll but she’s stronger than I thought and I can’t escape her arms.  Her breath is hot against my ear as her words shiver down my spine.

“I thought about you too.”

Even tonight, I thought I was alone in this.  Even as she asked me to be first, chose me over Kris, I thought she was just considering my feelings.  I believe that she loves me, and that now we’ve become something unstoppable, but I never considered that before tonight she wanted this the way I have for so long.  It must show on my face.

“Don’t look so surprised,” she teases.

But I am stunned. “I never knew.”

“Turns out I’m pretty good at keeping secrets too.”  Her fingers trail down the middle of my chest.  “But now....”

“Now I want to know everything about you,” I say.  “God it feels good to say that.”

She kisses away her own smile against my lips.  It’s a simple, easy kiss, a familiar kiss.  Because now we are familiar, far more than friends.  We are what I have been waiting for.

‘You know some things now that even I didn’t know.”

“So I might still surprise you?” I ask playfully, knowing that more confessions will come in time.  And we have time.

Bridget presses her lips together and bites down.  Her eyes sparkle, her cheeks flush - I think she might tell me right then and there that she loves me.  I wish she would.  Forget everything else that happened tonight; forget how we got here and who was with us.  I can’t erase those things but I will never remember them like this.  She’s thinking and weighing the words on her tongue. Finally she speaks.

“You do nothing but surprise me, Sidney.”

Oh well.  If it means another time together, a million nights from now, it means that I’ve had that much more of her.  I can wait.  

-- end --

Wednesday, August 10, 2011



I almost say it.

Don’t.  Please.  Stay.

Or something along the lines of I love you.

But as Bridget lays beneath me, soft and warm and perfect, I know it isn’t the time to make that confession.  It would forever be tainted as something I told her just to stop her being with Kris – just to be selfish, victorious.  It would never ring as true as I mean it to be.

Kris could give up.  He could dress quietly and leave us there to sort out the now impossible tangle of bodies and feelings.  But he isn’t going to.  He has some kind of plan – a dirty, scandalous plan, a very French plan – and I have to admit he’s been right so far.  If Bridget and I are ever going to be anything beyond tonight, I have to stop competing.  In a sick and twisted way, I have to give her up if I ever hope to get her back.

She looks at me like she’d never seen me before.  I kiss her and she smiles: satisfied, nervous and maybe, if I believe my own hype, impressed.

I roll off, but keep my arms around her just to let her know she could stay.  Bridget brushes her fingers along my temple and down my face, just looking right into my eyes.  Then she kisses me again before rising up onto her elbows.

Kris lays flat on his side, one arm bent under his head and watching us.  I had nearly forgotten he was there and now my nervous blush turns to embarrassment – maybe he thinks I am a joke, an obvious amateur and now he’s going to show Bridget how good things can really be.  My body twitches to grab her again, keep her for myself.  But she’s looking at him too, face impassive as if considering what to do next.  With a movement so slow it’s almost imperceptible, Kris rubs his free hand along the bed in front of him.

Come here.

I close my eyes, then felt her weight lift from my bed.

It seems to take a year for her to go two feet.  Already I’m cold without her.  Clenching a fist to my side I bite back the words to stop all this right now.

Kris murmurs something - I hear the vibration of his voice without the words.  It’s probably French even though Bridget doesn’t speak it.  Kris fights dirty.  I hear them moving and I cannot stop myself from looking.

She’s on her back, halfway under him and they’re kissing.  His giant hand cradles her head and lifts her lips to his.  It’s the way she looked moments ago, only that kiss belonged to me.  Bridget holds onto his forearm, her skin pale against his olive skin.  They’re beautiful together.

Kris presses his knee down between her thighs.  Sometime while she was making my dreams come true he ditched his sweats.  I’m surprised that he wore boxer briefs underneath.  Now the only thing they’re underneath is the stroke of her fingers over his ass.

I’m not going to make it.

He strokes her hair like he has all night to do nothing but kiss her.  She moves though, and it turns my stomach.  She wants him, or at least wants this.  Maybe I really wasn’t enough.  Kris responds in kind and runs his hands all over her bare body.  Her breast is small in his grasp and she shudders when he circles a thumb around her nipple.  He easily grips her side, then slides that hand under the rise of her backside.  With an open palm and a shift of his weight, he turns Bridget over.

Partially sitting, Kris puts his mouth to her spine.  He drags it out, kissing each vertebrae as he grinds himself against her hip.  Bridget keeps her head turned away from me and for that I am grateful.  He squeezes a handful of her ass, his fingertips dent the delicate flesh.  

Those shorts are no match for his desire.  I’ve seen Kris naked a hundred times but I avoid the sight of him hard - some things I don’t want to know.  Then he settles along the length of her back, squeezes her thighs between his knees, and slides himself into my girl.

She moans.  God damn it if Bridget doesn’t moan like a whore and I’m instantly harder than I was inside her.  It’s so sudden I feel woozy, the blood in my body rushing outward.  Bridget lifts her head and I watch Kris claim her mouth as well.  Then he starts to move.

He must be good.  Apparently every woman who ever soaked her panties at the sight of him was psychic.  What starts as a whimper from Bridget becomes a cry as Kris slowly, strongly pumps himself in deep.  Her hips rise to meet the strokes like she can’t help herself.  The curve of her lower back beneath his stomach, the flex of her thighs as she pushes her ass into his lap - I have to put an arm over my eyes because I cannot look away.

He’s still whispering, keeping her focused.  I’m ashamed of how turned on I am, but my palm is polishing the tip of my dick already.  There’s movement and I look out from under my elbow to see Kris sit up, put his hands on her back and press her into the mattress.  She groans in pleasure as he begins to ride her.  

“Ohgodyes,” she says in a quiet voice, almost to herself.  Like he’s something she’s been wishing for but could never say out loud for fear he wouldn’t come true.  

Oh fuck no.

And Kris looks at me.  My heart skips a beat - I feel like a kid caught peeking in a window.  His eyes are stormy: lust, possession, desire and all the things that any red-blooded guy would feel while balls-deep in a beautiful woman.  But there’s some else too - compassion maybe, or it could be pity.  Either way, he leans down and speaks to her.

“Touch yourself.”

Bridget protests - I can hear her tone but not her words.  Kris is still atop her like she’d a carousel horse.  He gathers up a fistful of her dark hair in one hand and pulls just enough to turn her head so she’s facing me.  I’m so stunned I forget to drop my own dick and she catches me jerking off to the sight of another guy, my friend, fucking her hard.  The second her gaze meet on mine, he pounds into her.

She screams.  Every nerve in my body fires - I’ll kill him if he hurts her.  But it’s not pain in her voice, it’s surprise and sensation and quite possibly the promise of an orgasm that she doesn’t bring herself.  Above anything else that cannot happen.  Kris stops moving.

“Chaton,” he says, but he’s looking at me.  One hand caresses the length of her spine.  “It was hard for me to watch him fuck you.  I knew how good you would feel.”

He thrusts again, even harder by the slap of skin.  Bridget swallows her voice this time but her back curls like she’s taken a body blow.  What he came here to give her is even closer than before.  My vision blurs red with anger.

“And now that I have you,” he purrs just above her ear, “I’m not sure I want to let you go.”

Bridget’s eyes are wide and bright, I could lose myself in there.  And she could lose herself right here, to him.  We both hold our breath waiting for Kris’ next move.  

He rakes her hair away from her face so she can see me clearly.  With his hand along the back of her neck, Kris asks, “Tell him you want him.  Tell him he gets to be the one.”

I’m trembling.  Her lips part to speak, then she bites the bottom one in hesitation.

Please Bridget, please.

“Or I will do it right now,” he promises.  

A vein stands out along his neck and every muscle in his upper body is tensed hard.  Kris is right at the edge of fucking through her inability and taking her right over with him.  I could never stop like that.  I’d be running for the finish line and hoping she beats me there.  Gritting his teeth, Kris waits for her answer.

All of a sudden, Bridget’s face softens.  “Sidney,” she says quietly.

I nearly come in my hand.  Kris relaxes a touch.  Only Bridget seems still unsure.

“Then touch yourself,” he instructs.  “Because you really make me want to come.”

She doesn’t turn her face away this time.  Instead she slides her arm under her stomach and I can imagine the rest - her fingers quickly covered in slick heat as she works them into her clit.  The way I used my thumb to get her off before.  The way she won’t even have to do again, except that I like it, when I’m finished with her tonight.

“Ohgod,” she gasps.  Kris is against her back, hands on her shoulders and shoving his cock inside her now.  He kisses the stretch between her neck and shoulders, biting at the taut skin, and Bridget’s eyes roll.

“Fuckyoufeelsogood,” he says in English so she knows exactly how he feels.  Her response is in a language no one knows.

I watch her face.  He’s going as hard and fast as my hand moves along my own shaft.  I’m not embarrassed anymore.  I feel the memory of her, imagine the glide of her back against my chest and catalog all the things I want to do to her.  The cries from her soft mouth beg to be my name, or be silenced with a mouthful of my cock.

Just get through this.

Like it was scripted, Bridget comes first.  If I could learn the trick of what she did to herself, I could get to the locker room, get her off and still drink a Gatorade during every TV timeout.  I prefer not to think that Kris was the reason she’d gone so quickly.

And she doesn’t hold back.  She bites down on the pillow and buries a scream.  Her body bucks like a live wire, helpless against the weight of Kris still forcing himself inside.  She’s locked right where he wants her and before she’s quiet, he’s not.

It’s just a groan: a low, feral noise that he growls into her hair.  And it’s mixed with my own moan of pleasure as I finally let myself go.  Heat spurts out of me - frustration, jealousy, anger, shame.  The feeling of being dominated by another guy fucking my girl and the knowledge that he can, and gladly would, make her very satisfied.  I am going to have my work cut out for me.

When I come around, he’s still on her back.  They’re talking quietly and I lay still, pretending to be dazed.  The wet noise when he pulls out of her makes my jaw clench.

Kris leaves the bed of his own accord.  He could be getting cleaned up, since Bridget still hasn’t gotten what we promised her tonight.  Maybe he’s going to make sure this Kid can seal the deal.  But instead he steps into his sweats and unfurls his t-shirt over his head.  Shorts go in his pocket, sandals on his feet.  Then he walks back to the bed and leans over her sprawled out form.

“If you need me, I’m waiting.”

Then Kris gives me a devious half-smile and shows himself out.


It was almost too good to miss.  Aside from everything, sex with Bridget was incredible.

Maybe it wasn’t just her and me together, maybe it was everything else that made it so good.  I had wanted her before.  I had come to her tonight and met with almost no resistance before she was saying my name and riding my cock.  And Sidney... if he couldn’t make it happen for her....  The feel of her tight body so wet for me, the noises she made as I pushed her to her limit.  And it was right there - the orgasm no one had ever given her.  To have it in my reach and walk away, to be the one she’d always compare others to and give that up...

Fuck I am a good friend.  And a fool.

I might not be such a nice guy the next time around.

“Tell him you want him.  Tell him he gets to be the one.”

Let’s be real.  She’s telling me as much as him.  And she hesitates just enough for me to know that she loves him.  Now she knows it too.  But it still feels good to milk her body through an orgasm of her own helping, and at least claim the reward of coming inside her.

“He’ll take good care of you,” I whisper in her ear as she catches her breath afterward.

“You were so close,” she replies.  Two minutes later I am gone.


It’s perfectly silent.  Sidney and I lay on separate beds, spent and scared.  Tonight will never leave this room and so threatens to suffocate us both.

Confusion and confession, tonight is.

I turn onto my side, hissing as the tender flesh shifts between my legs.  I have never had a night like this before.  Sidney faces me across the gap.  It could be a chasm for all that has happened, but I feel strangely fine.  We went so far tonight that nothing should hold us back now.  My knees wobble as I get to my feet.

He rolls onto his back, looking for all the world like Adonis.  He really is fucking perfect.  Upon close examination it’s even more serious - the crooked scar on his chin, his slightly uneven eyebrows, the spot where he nicked himself shaving.  All these little details I was blind to before.

Those eyes and that smile conspire against me.  He pulls me down like a featherweight and lays me out next to him.  I touch his beautiful face and am not at all surprised to be totally in love with him.

“You okay?” he asks in a small voice.

I nod.  Of everything that went on tonight, being with Kris was the most intense part because I wasn’t with Sidney.  Once I knew what it was like to be with him - how he tried almost too hard, concentrated like I was a new play to learn, the shy smile when he caught me admiring him - nothing else was ever going to be good enough.

Unless Kris had made me come.  Then I might have an argument.

But Kris had managed to be both the gentleman and the rogue.  He got what he came for and never for a second did I doubt that he loved giving me pleasure and taking his own.  Maybe I even knew the secret of his sex appeal now - he was as good as advertised.  And in the end he had created something when he could have destroyed.

“Bridget, I...,” Sidney starts to say.

I kiss him.  I’m exhausted and empty, swollen and spent, but I kiss Sidney for the first time alone together.  When there’s no wild night, no famous faces or pressure or games to win.  There’s nothing but him and me and this bed like a boat in a storm.  I am delirious and full of another man and there’s nothing I want more in this world than the one with me now.


“Please, Bridge....”

I can’t hear it tonight.  Now now, or here.  He’s going to tell me he loves me and I’m going to say it back and then probably faint out of sheer disbelieving joy.  You can find me asleep in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and I’ll still be the luckiest thing around.  But tonight is it’s own truth and Sidney and I are for another day.

“I know,” I tell him.

Sid’s eyes waver.  He wants to believe I am answering his unspoken words, but there are a few rare things that cannot be unsaid.  They cannot be mistaken.  There is no room for error or assumption when you’re making a promise.  I hope he can read my kiss if not my mind.  This one is deep and forceful, he lays his hands on me for the first time since we’ve been alone.  

“I know.  Me too.”

He believes me, or decides to take the leap of faith, because everything about him changes.  His shoulders flex, his upper back rounds like he’s unleashing something that hides deep inside.  Suddenly I’m pinned to the mattress beneath his massive form and he’s poured over me like paint.

“Baby,” he says as his lips barely leave my skin.  

Tuesday, August 9, 2011



I can't believe what people let me get away with.

I don't give Bridget a moment to consider the situation as I pour her out on the bed and trap her beneath me.  She needs to be pushed toward this.  I make her look at me though - her eyes heavy and dark with satisfaction.  There’s no way she’s had enough yet.  Then I graze my palm over her pale skin and put my mouth to the prize.  Like licking a lightning bolt.  Sure she just went, but she can go again.  It won't be the last time tonight.  

She twists her fingers into my hair but doesn't steer - she's not sure yet what I can do.  And generally I don't need any direction down here.  

Over on the chair, physically and emotionally stunned, Sidney lies in a heap around the shape of what used to be Bridget’s body.  He did well, and it's obvious to me that Bridget really cares for him too.  That's part of the reason I am here.

Between two people, sex means a lot of things.  Between three... well it's just danger and excitement and something crazy you did once.  So when it's over, you can almost write it off. I am their out, in case this isn't something the two of them can handle.

See, I'm not so shy as everyone thinks.  I've shared girls before and watching Sidney and Bridget together had me straining to keep my hands from my own body.  You learn so much observing people at their most vulnerable - it’s intensely intimate.  Bridget knows that because of her work and now, I know all about her.

Let me start from the beginning.  

I used to have a thing for Bridget.  She's got an empathy that most people lack and I've always been the sensitive one.  While other guys felt embarrassed after her seeing them bleed and cry, it actually turned me on to know she had seen my lowest points.  A great friend wrapped in a beautiful girl - what more could I hope for?

But after most of the guys had moved on, when they only propositioned her every other day, I noticed that Sid still looked at her that way.  They became closer and anyone could see he was falling hard.  Something about the futility of it - she worked here, he'd never pursue it - was tragic and beautiful.  I realized that it hurt him every day to be around her, but he wanted it more than anything.  So I turned away.

But that doesn't mean that I'm immune to her charms.  She’s still here, the scent of her skin drugging me as her full breasts lift with every breath.  Long road trips always yield at least one dream of those blue eyes, usually looking up from somewhere around my cock.  I'll never have Bridget to myself - it's just not meant to be.  

But I will have part of her tonight.

Back to the story at hand.

Sidney told me that Bridget had never climaxed from traditional sex.  The Frenchman in me saw a disaster, the athlete in me saw a challenge.  And I saw my opportunity to get something for myself while maybe helping Sid get what he's been too scared to ask for all this time.

I let him decide.  I wondered if he would follow me to her room, and what would happen if he didn't.  Would I still knock?  Would I still offer - no insist - that she let me try?

Of course I would.

But would she say yes if he wasn’t part of the bargain?

Sid waited a long damned time.  He had to run to catch me.  And then he threw a curve ball that I never saw coming - he kissed her right off the bat.

Well two can play that game.  If he wants the trophy, he'll have work together.

Bridget tastes like honey.  I lap along the length of her pussy, slowly dragging the rough surface of my tongue along her feverish skin.  Then I delve inside, the flesh even softer, and taste the desire she spilled for Sidney only minutes ago.  I want this to be quick, I want her to feel one burst of pleasure on top of another so she knows there is so much that she's been missing.

I spread her thighs wide and blow cool air over her before rolling her tiny nub between my lips.  She bucks against my face like she wants more.  I drive my tongue into her then drag it around the edges while she rubs her ass into the mattress.

"Kris," she finally says.  I know it kills Sidney to hear that but it makes me ten times harder.  She'd better go soon or I'll be skipping ahead in this book.

I lick and nibble and rub and breathe.  I hum against her clit, making her back arch as she tries to fuck my mouth.  But I don’t even lift a finger.  I side my face lower and dab my tongue along the puckered skin of her backdoor.  She strangles back a cry, twisting and writhing.  Sid is sitting up, watching us, probably jerking off and wondering if I'll let him stick his dick in her mouth.  I won't.

"Bridget," I say, kissing her milky inner thigh.  "Tell me you want me."

"Fuck me Kris, oh God please just...."

I do, but only with my tongue.  I push hard and wriggle into her clit, the way she wanted his thumb to move.  It works the same and soon her hands are twisting fistfuls of blanket as she fights to stay on the bed.  

Then I disappear.  I take her ankle in one hand and kiss the indent just above her foot.  My other hand holds her thigh down so she’s spread open on display for me.  She curses again and I drag my lips up the back of her calf.

While Sidney was busy kissing her before, I was stripping off her clothes.  Those tiny green shorts gave up more easily than she did to his fingers.  Behind her knee is a hot spot, and I take advantage of my insider knowledge.  She squeals as I rub my bearded chin into the crook.

“Kris, please,” she pants.

“Oui, cherie.”  And I oblige her.  This time I don’t tease around, I go right for the gold. Her clit rolls slick between my lips before my tongue catches the tiny divot and begins to flick.  She heaves against me and I drive a straight course as fast as I can until she’s thrashing.  The taste of her changes, her ass cheeks squeeze together as pressure builds between her hips.  I’m merciless.  Her thighs are tense beneath my hands but she can’t shake my grip.  I hold her open and I make her come for the second time in twenty minutes.

She sobs out a cry that’s half breath and almost quiet.  Her body spills onto my tongue and I ride her right through it, drawing out every ounce of sensation locked away in there.  Her fingers feel amazing as they twist in my hair and try to stop me from fucking her.  But I keep on moving my mouth.

“Yes,” is all she can say.

When finally she’s still, I press a kiss below her belly button and lay along her side.  The sheets are mangled.  Sidney is still in the chair, a hand over his face like he’s ashamed of what he’s seen.  Or jealous.  I pull off my shirt, wipe my face and drop it on the floor. One hand traces up the length of Bridget’s bare leg, over her abs and the soft pink of her hard nipple.  Right to her face and along her bottom lip.  Then I lean over and, with the taste of her on my mouth, kiss her deeply.

“I’m going to make you come so hard you see stars.”

Sidney grunts in disagreement.  He won’t say no, since we’re halfway there and he’s been raised to never rock the boat.  But he doesn’t like me sharing his girl one bit.  Too bad for him Bridget’s hand is locked around my wrist like she wants what I want, right now.

I let her guide my hand down her stomach and right between her legs.  She bucks, wanting penetration, but I stroke her soft entrance with slow, deliberate movements.  Sidney’s eyes follow my hand - I’m cheating, taking something that was his alone until now.  But she’s begging for it.  My beard rasps against her shoulder as she grinds into my touch.

“Chaton, we need to see how you do it.  We’re going to fuck you and you’re going to make yourself come.”

The captain’s face is white as a sheet.  It’s showtime and he’s ready to run for the hills.  Well, if he could run with the massive hard-on that’s tenting his pants.  The only thing in the whole world that Sidney Crosby cannot have is currently naked and three feet away, her mouth open and the word ‘please’ on her tongue.  I’ve served up his girl on a silver platter, now he just needs to take that first bite.

Bridget comes around a little, sliding a hand under her head and looking over at Sidney’s bloodless face.  I swear to God she smiles.

“Do you want him?” I ask, still grazing fingertips over her sex.

She nods.  Sidney gulps so hard his Adam’s apple bobs, but his eyes are focused on her like she’s a sudden death overtime.  I brush my mouth along the hollow of her neck, sure that he can hear in my voice what it feels like to stroke her pussy.

“Do you want him inside you?” My finger drags between her wet folds.  “Want to feel yourself come all over his cock?”

She bites her lip, struggling to consider anything but the width of my finger currently snaking into her core.  But she does want him, more than anything, and I’ll make sure she knows it before she gets him.

“Who gets to take you first, Bridget?”

Instead of answering, Bridget peels herself off the bed and wobbles slowly to her feet.  I watch him watch her stand up, naked, and close the short distance between them.  She puts one knee up on the arm of the chair, baring the only thing left secret.  This girl is good.  Then she leans in close and whispers in his ear.


“I want it to be you,” I tell him.  I’ve been stripped of literally everything and honesty is all that’s left.  “I want you first.”

His dark eyes swim with fear and desire.  It’s a dangerous cocktail and we are both drunk on it.  The most kissable lips in the world part slightly and I know that if I don’t have him now, I will never want anything ever again.

“Sidney,” I run my mouth along his strong, square jaw, “let me feel you.”

He’s so hard he can barely breathe.  I don’t need to ask, but I want this to be his choice.  I was an innocent bystander when Kris knocked on the door, and a victim of circumstance when Sidney kissed me.  Now I am in this all the way - accomplice to this crime.


One second he’s on his feet, towering over and around me with the colossal body. The next he’s on top of me, flat on the bed.  Those brown eyes flash.

“From the front or the back?” Kris asks.  This time he comes close, sitting above my head.  Sidney instinctively leans away as Kris strokes the hair at my temple.  “I will have you the other way.”

This is what dying feels like.

So much has happened, in my body and my mind.  And now I’ve just been informed that sex with the man of my best dreams will be followed by sex with the man of my dirtiest dreams.  That alone should be enough to make me come.

Sidney answers for me.  “I want to see you.”

Kris sets up as audience on the second bed.  I lock my eyes on Sidney and let his kiss block out the world.  It’s on my lips, my collarbone, the underside of my breast.  He works out of his pants then drags my nipple slightly between his perfect teeth and I hiss.

“Feel good?” he purrs, gaining confidence.  His hands don’t tremble and his breathing deepens.  I hope Kris likes a show because we might forget he’s over there.

“Yes, baby.”

“Mmm, I like that,” he says and nips my breast again.  He tugs my hands up over my head, wraps his huge hand around both wrists at once and holds fast. The other hand returns to the scene of it’s crime and those two thick fingers again press deep inside me.  Sidney’s voice is low, his head on the far side of mine.  Kris can’t hear.  My eyes roll back but he’s the one who says, “I’ve always wanted this.”

“So full of secrets,” I scold him.  He’s palm-deep in my snatch and an hour ago I didn’t even know he liked me.  With a flick of his wrist he sends a shower of sparks through my stomach.

“I’ll make up for it tonight.”

He draws those two fingers nearly all the way out, catches my folds and spreads them.  The wide head of his penis teases me open.  I swear his body temperature could melt glass.  Another inch slips inside.  I haven’t seen or touched it but just the hint of his penis is huge.  

“I want to feel you come.”  His voice is husky, his eyes black.  With a stroke of his hips, Sidney tears me in half.

He moves and I cry out, not in pain but in surprise, all the breath torn from my lungs as he drives himself into every available inch of me.  Smooth and long, his shaft is rock hard and I’m surely stapled to the mattress.

“Ohmygod,” he moans.  “You’re so tight.”

“Don’t stop,” I sob.  If I regain my sense this might hurt.  I might even want it to.

The solid wall of his chest holds me down beneath the onslaught.  He moves deliberately, the way he does on the ice, like he’s controlling everything with his mind.  Maybe later we’ll work on that.

Today we’re here for my problem.

And it might not be a problem much longer.  With two massive arms crossed under my shoulders, Sidney slowly pumps in and out.  His breath is hot on my neck.  His mumbled words are compliments, promises, curses and demands.  My fingers barely dent his arms where I cling to solid muscle and try to stay within swinging distance of that magnificent ass. His lips are never far from mine.  I breathe from his mouth and he owns me completely in that moment.  Each kiss is a message that he doesn’t want to share with Kris.

At the same time, I feel the intense need in his body.  Not just to climax or make me do the same, but the physical need to be with me.  Even if he’d never said a word, I’d know now that he’s wanted this a long time.  That knowledge threatens to overwhelm and sink me - I’d better live up to his expectations.

Suddenly he pulls out with a wet pop, grabs my ankles and drags me to the edge of the bed.  He’s back in to the hilt a heartbeat later and I scream on impact.  His feet are planted on the floor as he thrusts away at me, laying flat on my back.

“Touch yourself,” he says.  From where he looms over me, it’s the best view in town.  His enormous cock sliding home into my pussy, coming out dripping, and my fingers working hard and quick to keep up with him.  His stare is so intense I think he might burn me.  The sight of his huge sculpted form, every muscle flexing in concert to my benefit, makes me delirious.

So many things are working at once.  Sidney is perfect - of course he’s perfect, I’ve always known that.  I was just blocking it out to keep from losing my mind.  Tonight I let it go, throw it away even, as it seems like what everybody else is doing.  Then there’s Kris, the mastermind, and whatever I owe him for this pleasure I’m sure he will take from me when Sidney’s finished.  Not that I would have denied him alone.  Only the clench and roll of Sidney’s abs and chest keep me from looking over where Kris lays.

I can’t take credit for close I am.  My fingers are like the last drop that spills a bucket over its brim.  They want to slow down, the draw this out, because it’s just so fucking amazing.  Sidney’s jaw is set in concentration and I’m reminded of those times I just want to hug him.  When he’s so grown up and serious and kind of missing the whole point.  But not here, not now.  Winning is what he does best and I know better than to get in the way.

I watch him, watching us, willing himself on.  Even in this all he knows how to do is work hard.

Please don’t let this be all about winning.

But when he catches me looking his concentration cracks and a shy, embarrassed smile flickers across his face.

At the first flutter, when everything is unstoppable, I grab Sidney's wrist and pull him down on top of me.  He must know too because he pushes his mouth against mine as hard as he pushes his body, one last time.  The last thread of my sanity snaps and I fall.
My head rolls and my back lifts off the mattress.  Sidney wraps his strong arms around me and holds us down, stroking his hips just enough to push me through.  I cry out - not a scream, not a growl, but a half-sobbing noise that is more like surprise.  My body wheels like a roller coaster car, clamped onto him like a track.

Then I feel him go. He pushes his face hard into my neck and whispers, "Oh God."  Then a long, low groan tears itself from his throat as he tries to drown the sound against my skin.

Somehow feeling him is more intense than my own release.  That need I’d felt in him pours into me like a burden finally shared; his spill burns hotter for it.

We both lay still but for pounding hearts and ragged breathing.  Sidney kisses a trail along my skin, then my lips when I finally turn my head.  His cheek presses to the mattress, his lips are swollen and flush from kissing me so hard.  Those dark brown eyes still hold fear, but also disbelief.  A lot of secrets have just been shared and there are still plenty left to learn.